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1 every 2 children in Argentina go hungry
Early Home Education
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About us

Since 2006, the non-profit civil association Haciendo Camino has been working towards the improvement of the life quality of socially vulnerable families in Argentina.
Our programs are mainly aimed to: promote the growth and comprehensive development of children between 0 and 5 years of age; accompany, train and empower women and mothers since their pregnancy onwards; strengthen families and communities.

Our programs

The integral approach of our programs guides the planning interventions to co-create effective solutions that respond to the problems that affect families in situations of social vulnerability within Santiago del Estero and Chaco.


We work on malnutrition diagnosis and prevention as well as nutritional recovery of children aged 0 to 5 years old.

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Early Home Education

The program is intended to accompany families with a positive upbringing of their children.

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We accompany pregnant women living in social risk conditions, and promote the care and development of mother-child relation.

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Trade Skills

We offer mothers in vulnerable families training courses.

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We have a transit home in the city of Añatuya, which houses children between 0 and 18 years who are in various situations of social risk.

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A group of volunteer doctors travels regularly to our Centers in order to take preemptive and recovery action.

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Where do we work?

We have 11 Centers for Child Malnutrition Prevention and Family Accompaniment in the provinces of Santiago del Estero and Chaco. These include our Children’s Home, “El Refugio” and “La Casa de Madres” which are located in Añatuya in addition to our Early Childhood space in Los Juries. Further, we offer weekly trade workshops in more than 15 neighborhoods and rural locations in the provinces of Santiago del Estero, Chaco, and Salta.

We defend the rights  of the most vulnerable people


In 15 years of work…

Children received nutritional treatment in the early stages of their lives

Mothers participated in educational workshops about health, positive growth, and human rights
Pregnant women were assisted in their motherhood preparation
Families received support
+ 8500
Medical consultations were provided to the communities

We align ourselves with the following
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Our partners