At the kindergarten in the Santiago del Estero Centre, the children are learning a lot. The teachers are deeply involved and every week, they bring along new ideas for the children to learn while playing.

At present, they are using flashcards, dances, group dynamics and games. Last week, they worked on the human body. This week they are learning about the five senses. The kids are happy and so are we, when we see them so much at ease.

Besides, the joint work with the Early Stimulation Area and the planning of the different topics is bearing fruit. Congratulations to the whole team!


A short time ago, nineteen young people from Santa Rosa School, Mendoza, visited us at our Centre for the Prevention of Malnutrition and Human Promotion in Santiago del Estero. The group shared the care for the children and the activities carried out in the workshops with the mothers and the team.

Besides, they did a mural on one of the walls of the hall with the tiles that they changed in the bathrooms. Before leaving, they left these words to us:

“During the time we shared, we discovered that in Haciendo Camino there is always a hand that reaches out, which represents all the women who, day by day, build up their identity in order to move on and improve their values.

That is why this mural shows:

  • An open hand offering help, affection, commitment, love, bonds, joyfulness, and a smile.
  • A denarius rosary with a Virgin which, through her intercession before God, sends us the necessary strength to overcome the obstacles we come across every day.
  • A pot containing the effort we make and which allows us to discover our identity.
  • The children and us, with our values and defects, doing our best day by day in order to develop and become a better person.
  • Last but not least, the sun, which goes along the path of our lives with us through the light, and connects Mendoza and Santiago del Estero as a brotherhood of provinces.”

Thank you, for everything you have done and we look forward to seeing you next year.

On September 1st, Catalina Hornos, General Director of Haciendo Camino, was the speaker at Sustainable Brands Buenos Aires. Her talk “From a distance it can’t be seen” aimed at motivating event attendees to get involved in other people’s reality. “Apart from showing concern for the future generations, we must show concern for this one,” was one of Catalina’s phrases that caused the audience to applaud. In this way, more than 400 people listened to the history of Haciendo Camino and reflected upon the transforming power that our decisions have.

The people from Farmacia Álvarez, a chemist’s, wanted to go on helping Haciendo Camino and they came up with a very original idea. They organised “Happy Smiles”, a contest in which for every drawing the children made, they donated a nappy to Haciendo Camino.

In this way, Farmacia Álvarez together with Droguería Suizo Argentina, Droguería del Sud, Bioderma, Drofar, Farmakd, Avne, Andrómaco, Droguería Generia and Walter donated 6,818 nappies, which amounts to $15204.14 (Argentine pesos). Besides, Haciendo Camino received 1000 units of lice treatment product.

We, on behalf of Haciendo Camino, wish to thank all the people who took part in this initiative and invite you to take the next steps together with us.



August was a special month for us! We celebrated Children’s Day at all our Centres, which were filled with laughter and hugs. They were days full of games, smiles, toys and lots and lots of joy.

The celebrations gave the children and us a good chance to celebrate the work done throughout the year and to enable them to strengthen their bonds with their mothers. Even though in Haciendo Camino we believe that every single day is their day, we were really pleased to make room to honour them.

We invite you to look at the pictures and to be part of the celebrations!