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About Us

Since 2006, the non-profit civil association Haciendo Camino has been working towards the improvement of the life quality of socially vulnerable families in Argentina.

Our programs are mainly aimed to: promote the growth and comprehensive development of children between 0 and 5 years of age; accompany, train and empower women and mothers since their pregnancy onwards; strengthen families and communities.

Our reality

1 every 2 children in Argentina lives in poverty*

Context of our family beneficiaires:
57% experience food insecurity
35% of families live in overcrowded conditions
90% of women do not have up-to-date reproductive health check-ups
47% lack a sewage system in their home

*Impact Evaluation of Haciendo Camino by the Social Debt Observatory of UCA.


We are more than 200 professionals and 100 volunteers working in 3 provinces.