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Thanks to the collaboration of volunteer doctors, Ramona Gómez, a volunteer from the organization “Haciendo Camino” that works on child malnutrition in the North, was able to receive her diagnosis of stenosis and be treated in time to improve her quality of life. So far, the institution has managed to provide medical assistance for 20,911 consultations.

For several years now, Ramona has been living with her family in Suncho Corral, Santiago del Estero. With a poverty rate reaching 46.5%, the place faces serious deficiencies in its healthcare system, which results in many residents struggling to access basic medical care.

It was in mid-2022 when she began experiencing dizziness and different pressure sensations in her arms. However, due to having other underlying health conditions, identifying the cause was a challenge.

After several studies they were able to conclude that it was a subclavian stenosis. Thanks to the help of Dr. Pablo Spaletra, who is a haemodynamics doctor at the cardiovascular institute ICBA, they coordinated with laboratories to obtain a stent and to be able to perform the operation.

In coordination with the association Haciendo Camino, together with cardiologist Dr. Maximiliano Massa, they travelled to Santiago del Estero and, together with Dr. Santiago Coroleu from the regional hospital in the capital, they worked as a team to place the stent in Ramona.

“I feel very well, I can lead a normal life, I regained strength in my hand, the blood pressure in my arm has returned to normal, the dizziness has gone and… the truth is that the improvements are very significant”, says Ramona and adds happily: “everything was a success, my family and I are eternally grateful”.

Before the operation, she was a volunteer in the Pregnant Women Programme where she gave talks to mothers in the centre of Suncho. Today, now recovered and with more energy, she participated as a cardiologist’s assistant in the medical care of the last Haciendo Camino trip to Santiago del Estero with volunteer health professionals.

Ramona at a talk for mothers (Credits: Haciendo Camino)

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